Raising expectations - How much will it cost the ANC this time to bribe off the revolution

28th September 2016   |  Mike Smith's Political...

By Mike Smith28th of September 2016As it was proven in revolution after revolution and as I have mentioned several times before, the worst mistake a dictatorial despotic regime can make is to raise expectation. The moment they do that it is the start of their own downfall. P.W. Botha found that out when he created the Tricameral Parliament (leaving... READ MORE

Blackberry Shuts Down Smartphone Business After 14 Years

29th September 2016   |  Answers Africa

Blackberry Shuts Down Smartphone Business After 14 Years After 14 long years in the smartphone manufacturing business, Blackberry takes a bow. As much as the Blackberry hardware shut down is a shock, it has its perks business-wise. In an official announcement by the company’s CEO, it was noted that the company will now ... Read More READ MORE


The Soil Set To Launch Their 3rd Album Titled “Echoes Of Kofifi”

28th September 2016   |  Youth Village

The Soil is set to launch its third album titled “Echoes Of Kofifi” next eek Tuesday (4th November). The Soil is an award winning South African a capella  group formed in 2003. The Soil currently consists of four members: Buhlebendalo “Soil Sister” Mda, Ntsika “Fana-tastic” Ngxanga, Luphindo “Master P” Ngxanga and Theo “Songstress” Matshoba. Theo j... READ MORE

The Best Face Makeup for Covering Up Pigmentation

27th September 2016   |  Cosmopolitan

The most common skin issue for women of colour is pigmentation – and this isn’t a presumption, it’s a fact. I know this from experience as I have two slightly visible dark patches on the sides of my face that refuse to disappear. And yes, sunscreen use and vitamin C treatments have helped diminish them slightly, but they’re still there. Which is wh... READ MORE

Geberit Celebrates World Toilet Day

27th September 2016   |  SA Décor & Design...

He who builds responsibly, builds sustainably. Innovations in the toilet-space are largely led by the innovation and technology driven sanitary leader, Geberit. Did you know that they have sold more than 60 million concealed cisterns worldwide? The ‘disappearance’ of the pipes behind the wall sparked a paradigm change within the bathroom, where fun... READ MORE

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Split Puts ‘Africa’ On Ice

29th September 2016   |  AFKInsider

Angelina Jolie’s imminent divorce from Brad Pitt has put the realization of ‘Africa’, a movie about environmentalist Ricard Leakey efforts to conserve wildlife in Kenya and his conflicts with poachers, in doubt. Several parts of the movie were set to be shot in Kenya, an East African nation with scenic landscapes that has previously provide locatio... READ MORE

Solange Knowles drops new album today!

29th September 2016   |  Glamour South Africa

Solange Knowles has announced that her new LP, A Seat at the Table, is set to release today (30.09.16). The 30-year-old musician has unveiled her third studio album eight years after her last full-length release, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams. Taking to Instagram to share a picture of herself, which will feature as the album cover, the star w... READ MORE

How To Create "Mental Toughness" For Rugby?

29th September 2016   |  Tackles, Tries and Funny...

Everyone wants to be tough in rugby. This week Rugbydump Academy's TJ Jankowski breaks down exactly how we can train to be "tough" on the rugby pitch and why we should all train that way. Something that often comes up in rugby is the idea of “mental toughness.� A team wants a squad of players that are willing to do what it takes at the right ti... READ MORE

House Tour: A touch of royal blue

27th September 2016   |  SA Décor & Design...

Throughout the home, whether it’s on the walls, in the fittings or comfortably sitting on the floor – the theme has a recurring colour: royal blue. Giving the space a modest and inviting atmosphere, the blue releases an energy that is considered, relaxed and artistic. With a minimal upkeep, greenery and art are dispersed through the home, allowing... READ MORE

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